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Stockholm Kayaking in the City Centre

Kayak Tour in Stockholm City



3 hours








100% FREE


max. 10







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Join an easygoing city tour in Stockholm with our scenic paddle experience. The tour is perfect for both beginners and first-time paddlers. Our guide ensures a safe and fun journey, giving important safety and paddle instructions before setting off.

As you paddle along, capture beautiful city photos from a new perspective. Paddle through charming neighbourhoods with pretty bridges, colourful buildings, and peaceful waterways. The tour covers the islands Langholmen, Södermalm, Gamla Stan (Old Town), Kungsholmen (City Hall), and Lila Essingen.

This small-group kayak tour offers a unique alternative to crowded walking tours. Allowing you to explore Stockholm from a different perspective and at your own pace. During the tour, you'll learn about Swedish culture and get helpful tips for more city sightseeing in Stockholm. On request, the guide might also share interesting stories about Sweden's history.

Whether you're on your own or with friends and family, this kayak tour provides an exciting way to experience the charm of Stockholm. Experience the beauty of Stockholm through our guided tours and kayaking adventures.


Overall Rating



  • Discover Stockholm from the waterside

  • Information about Stockholm

  • Great photography opportunities

  • Safety and paddle introductions


  • Experienced guide

  • Kayak and paddle equipment

  • Introduction to safety and Paddle technique


  • Water (reusable water bottle)

  • Sunglasses, hat, sunblock​

  • Suitable clothing

  • A change of clothes

  • Swimming clothes and towel (optional)


  • Kayak Station Solna (Subway Västra Skogen)
    Karlbergs strand 6A, 171 73 Stockholm


  • Beginner-friendly tour, you don't need any previous kayak experience

  • We use by default tandem kayaks, single kayaks are available on request.

  • The tour will take place in all weather conditions unless we believe it is unsafe.

  • You must be able to swim at least 200m


Adult: 890SEK



1. What weather can I expect?

The Stockholm kayak tour is only available during the summer season, when the weather is generally pleasant. The temperature is usally ranging from 16°C to 28°C. However, conditions can vary even in the city centre, and it is possible to encounter both wind and rain during the trip. As we say in Sweden, "there is no bad weather, only wrong clothing." This tour is enjoyable in all weather conditions if you have appropriate clothing. To ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable experience, we strongly recommend checking the local weather forecast close to your tour date. Please bring appropriate clothing based on the forecast. Preparing for the weather will help you fully enjoy the beauty and excitement of city kayaking in Stockholm with us.

2. What clothing should I bring?

We recommend wearing comfortable sports clothing, such as shorts or fast-drying pants, that can get wet and dries quickly. While we provide spray skirts to help keep you dry, you will still likely get somewhat wet during the activity. Be sure to check the weather before you pack and adjust your clothing accordingly. PADDLING CLOTHING - Swim Trunks / Shorts - Long-sleeve Top / T-Shirt - Waterproof Rain Jacket - Baseball Cap PERSONAL ITEMS - Sunscreen - Small Towel (microlaser) - Drinking Water Please make sure to bring some spare clothing with you to wear after the kayak tour.

3. Where can I leave my luggage?

We have no dedicated storage space for larger luggage (suitcases e.g. ). However, you can take smaller backpacks (daypacks) directly with you into the kayak (dry compartment). Otherwise, we recommend to use one of the dedicated luggage box providers in Stockholm. Recommendation: Luggage Hero T-Centralen Any luggage that you chose to leave at the kayak station is not in our responsibility.

4. What facilities are on spot?

There is a small toilet available for urgent needs, though it is not a public toilet for general use. You can rent dry bags for a small surcharge before your activity starts, ensuring your belongings stay safe during your kayaking adventure.

5. What fitness level is required?

This city kayak trip covers approximately 8-12 km, making it a light to medium-light sport activity. Almost all of our customers have no trouble with the distance and required fitness, as we maintain a slow pace compared to other companies that rush a similar distance in just two hours. Therefore, there's nothing to worry about when booking with us. You just need to be in normal health and bring the right mindset. Our guides will assist you along the way, but individual help depends on the final group size on the day. We always ensure that everyone gets the best possible experience and even tow other kayaks if there are any problems. However, for some customers, it can be a demanding exercise that they will feel in their arms after the activity. At the end of the day, it also depends on the weather conditions, such as wind.

6. How likely is it to tip over?

The likelihood of tipping over during our city kayak trip is very low. Our kayaks are designed to be stable and suitable for both beginners and experienced paddlers, and the calm waters of our route further minimize the risk. We provide a thorough briefing before the trip, covering essential paddling techniques and safety measures. Our guides are also on hand to assist and ensure everyone feels confident and secure throughout the journey. While it's natural to have some concerns, rest assured that tipping over is a rare occurrence. Should it happen, our guides are trained to handle such situations quickly and effectively, ensuring your safety at all times. Double kayaks almost never tip over; it's more likely to happen in single kayaks. Therefore, if you're not an experienced kayaker, please choose a double kayak during the booking process.

7. What type of kayak will I be using?

When deciding whether to use a single or tandem kayak, consider your experience level and what you're looking for in your kayaking adventure. We typically provide tandem kayaks by default, as they cater well to various skill levels and promote a shared experience. Tandem kayaks are particularly suitable for beginners or those who prefer the company and added stability that comes with a two-person setup. Additionally, all our kayaks are Sea-Kayaks equipped with a rudder, enhancing steering and control, making them ideal for navigating our coastal waters. If you have a preference for a single kayak, please let us know in advance so we can accommodate your request. This allows us to ensure that everyone has the best possible experience on the water, tailored to their skills and comfort level.

8. Can I bring my kids?

Absolutely, you can bring your kids on our city kayak trip! We welcome families and ensure that our activities are safe and enjoyable for all ages. For public tours, we require a minimum age of 12 years. If you have younger children (minimum 6years), please contact us before booking so we can ensure we have suitable equipment available. Children over 12y can join the trip as long as they are accompanied by an adult. We recommend double kayaks for families with young children, as they provide extra stability and allow an adult to paddle with a child. Our guides will provide special instructions and assistance to ensure your family's safety and enjoyment throughout the journey. Life jackets are available in various sizes to fit both adults and children, and we take extra care to make sure everyone is comfortable and secure. For a more private experience, you can also book your own guide with our private tours.

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