Camping and kayaking in Stockholm Archipelago

Explore the Archipelago, Kayaking & Camping / 2D

Explore the Stockholm Archipelago and its 26,000 islands on an overnight trip. Pitch your tent on one of the small islands and enjoy the best sunset view in Sweden. Kayaking on a multiple-day trip is the best way to explore the Archipelago.


SEK 3550

Archipelago Kayaking Dalarö

Discover the Archipelago, Kayaking & Camping / 3D

Paddle through the best parts of the Archipelago on a multiple-day exploration. Prepare food over an open fire and enjoy the stunning natural scenery, especially at sunset. This is definitely a once in a lifetime experience that is not to be missed.


SEK 5250

Höga Kusten, Sweden, Hiking

World's Highest Coastline
Hiking & Camping / 3D

The High Coast in north eastern Sweden, is a UNESCO World Heritage site for its unique and highly scenic land, seascape and granite cliffs. The unspoiled environment in Lapland – is one of Europe's last great. Lappland is every hikers favorite places on earth.


SEK 5500

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