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3-Day-Tour Kayking in Strockholm

3-Day Archipelago Kayaking



3 days








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Experience the best part of the Stockholm Archipelago on a multi-day kayaking expedition. This tour consists of three full days of kayaking and outdoor adventures. You will paddle along hundreds of small islands, prepare food on an open fire and sleep under the stars. All of it comes with the most stunning ocean scenery. 

The adventure begins at our meeting point in central Stockholm. From here it's a short 45-minute drive to the heart of the Archipelago. As you prepare for the journey ahead, you'll pack your camping gear, food, and water for the next few days. Before setting off, we will provide essential safety instructions and paddling techniques to ensure a safe and exciting trip.

The starting point and route will be adjusted based on weather conditions and group constellation, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all.

This trip is suitable for beginner and advanced paddlers (normal fitness level is required, you don't have to be an athlete to participate in this tour).


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  • Explore hundreds of islands

  • Paddle of the beaten-track

  • Experience various bird and wildlife

  • Build your campfire

  • Pitch your tent under the stars


  • Experienced guide

  • Organic freshly prepared meals

  • Kayak, paddle and camping equipment

  • Roundtrip transportation from Stockholm

  • Safety and paddle technique briefing


  • Sunglasses, hat, sunblock

  • A change of clothes

  • Suitable clothing

  • Reusable water bottle

  • Swimming clothes and towel (optional)


  • Stockholm Nature AB
    Vikstensvägen 71, 12 156 Stockholm


  • Beginner-friendly tour, you don't need any previous kayak experience

  • We use by default tandem kayaks, single kayaks are available on request.

  • The tour will take place in all weather conditions unless we believe it is unsafe.

  • You must be able to swim at least 200m


Adult: SEK6,500



Tour Schedule - Day 1

The first part of the trip is around 2 hours of paddling, and you'll stop for lunch on one of the small beautiful islands. After lunch, enjoy another 2 hours of paddling with lots of picture-perfect spots along the way. The group will take a break for some snacks before the final paddle of the day. Now it's time to search for the perfect camping spot and to set up your tent for the night. The first day ends next to a campfire and with breathtaking views over the ocean.

Tour Schedule - Day 2

Another exciting day! Wake up to stunning views over the ocean while enjoying your breakfast. Pack up your equipment and get back into the kayak for several miles on the water, further out to the edge of the archipelago. This is a completely remote and uninhabited area, perfect for a small hike and lunch on one of the small islands. After lunch, you'll slowly turn around and find another great camping spot in the wilderness of the archipelago. Once you find the perfect spot, relax and enjoy some time to yourself before dinner preparation starts. With one more day to go, you will most likely sleep very well to recover some energy for the last upcoming part.

Tour Schedule - Day 3

Your day will begin with some time to embrace the natural scenery as you enjoy your coffee/tea next to the ocean. After breakfast, it's time to get your equipment back into the kayak and start the last part of the trip. On the way back to the kayak station, the route goes along an alternative path which features different islands and new scenery to discover.


1. What weather can I expect?

Our multi-day kayak tours are only available during the summer months, when the weather is generally pleasant with temperatures ranging from 16°C to 28°C. However, since we are paddling into the open ocean, the conditions can be quite variable. It's not uncommon to encounter both wind and rain during our trips. To ensure that you have a comfortable and enjoyable experience, we strongly recommend checking the local weather forecast close to your tour date. Based on the forecast, please bring appropriate clothing. Preparing for the weather will help you fully enjoy the beauty and excitement of ocean kayaking with us.

2. What should I pack?

Let us start with the most important rule, PACK LIGHT! Camping equipment and food comes first, then everything else. However, you have to stay warm/dry during the trip and you need a full change of clothes in case of a worst-case scenario. Please find below our recommendation list, which has to be adjusted regarding weather conditions (please check before you pack) and personal preferences. PADDLING CLOTHING • Swim Trunks / Shorts • Long-sleeve Top / T-Shirt • Waterproof-Rain Jacket • Hat: Baseball or Wide-brim • Sunglasses • Water shoes or sandals (recommended) • Gloves: Bicycling or kayak gloves (recommended) CAMPING CLOTHING • Synthetic Undershorts • Synthetic Fleece Long Underwear, Sleeping Socks • Trousers • Fleece Jacket • Camp Shirt • Shoes / Socks PERSONAL ITEMS • Insect Repellent • Sunscreen, UV Lip Balm, • Toiletries • Small Towel (microlaser) • Reusable water bottle, please think eco-friendly!

3. Do I need watershoes?

Please note that you will step into the ocean when you enter and exit the kayak. We recommend some kind of sandals or water shoes, as it can get slippery. There are many cheap options in stores like XXL or Decathlon available. However, don't feel the need to buy water shoes just for this experience if you don't plan to use them again. Our kayaking adventure works just fine without water shoes as well!

4. Where can I leave my luggage?

We have no dedicated storage space for larger luggage (suitcases e.g. ). However, you can take smaller backpacks (daypacks) directly with you into the kayak (dry compartment). Otherwise, we recommend to use one of the dedicated luggage box providers in Stockholm. Recommendation: Luggage Hero T-Centralen

5. How to choose the best kayak?

When deciding whether to use a single or tandem kayak, consider your experience level and what you're looking for in your kayaking adventure. We typically provide tandem kayaks by default, as they cater well to various skill levels and promote a shared experience. Tandem kayaks are particularly suitable for beginners or those who prefer the company and added stability that comes with a two-person setup. Additionally, all our kayaks are Sea-Kayaks equipped with a rudder, enhancing steering and control, making them ideal for navigating our coastal waters. If you have a preference for a single kayak, please let us know in advance so we can accommodate your request. This allows us to ensure that everyone has the best possible experience on the water, tailored to their skills and comfort level.

6. Where do we paddle (what area) ?

We primarily explore the central part of the Stockholm Archipelago. Our starting points are flexible, adjusted based on wind and weather conditions to ensure optimal safety and the best possible experience for all participants. The vast number of islands in the archipelago offers numerous opportunities for encounters and exploration. Depending on the day’s conditions, we carefully select the most scenic and suitable routes, ensuring each kayaking trip is unique. For those interested in extended adventures.

7. Our commitment to sustainability?

As we navigate through pristine waters, we maintain a strong commitment to eco-friendly practices. This includes managing natural resources wisely, respecting wildlife habitats, and adhering to 'leave no trace' principles during our trips. By kayaking with us, you contribute to the conservation of the archipelago's natural beauty. Our approach ensures not only a remarkable kayaking experience but also helps preserve the Stockholm Archipelago as a cherished environment for future generations.

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