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Top 5 Attractions to visit in Stockholm

Every year, we have thousands of customers joining us on our guided tours, and they all pop the same question: "What attractions in Stockholm do you recommend visiting?"

It seems straightforward, but honestly, it all comes down to what you like when it comes down to culture and history. However, there are 5 spots in Stockholm we believe are absolute must-sees, no matter where your interests lie.

Now, before we dive in, remember, we're nature guides at heart. Our default advice? Venture beyond the city's hustle and bustle. Seek out those hidden gems where tourists don't go.

Source: Vasa Museum

Begin your journey with a dive into the history at the Vasa Museum. Home to the 17th-century warship, the Vasa, which tragically sank on its maiden voyage. This museum offers a unique glimpse into the past. The Vasa stands as the world's best-preserved 17th-century ship, adorned with intricate carvings that tell tales of ambition, artistry, and the naval prowess of a bygone era. A visit to the Vasa Museum is like stepping back in time, offering insights into Swedish history, craftsmanship, and the science behind the ship's preservation. The Vasa Museum is something spectacular and literally everyone will find something to explore and like here, even the ones that usually aren't into history and culture. We like to say in Sweden, one hasn't been to Stockholm if they haven't visit the Vasa Museum.

Source: Skansen

Next, explore the beauty of Skansen, the world's first open-air museum. Skansen brings to life the past of Swedish culture and traditions, with historic buildings, artisans in traditional dress, and a snapshot of Swedish life from centuries gone by. From quaint farmsteads to lively market squares, each corner of Skansen tells a story, making it a perfect destination for families and anyone keen to experience Sweden's heritage up close. Skansen offers as well a dedicated open air area with wild animals. Yes, of course... they do have some Swedish Elks (Moose for our American friends). So, no need to join one of the wildlife safaris that other companies offer... they are very boring in our opinion... driving you for hours around in a car until seeing a animal from distance... we think Skansen is a great deal!

Source: Fotografiska

Fotografiska, Stockholm's photography museum, is a must-visit for art lovers. With an ever-changing schedule of exhibitions featuring work from world-renowned photographers. Fotografiska challenges perceptions and sparks conversations. The museum's stunning waterfront location adds to its allure, making it a perfect spot to soak in both art and views. Don’t forget to visit the museum’s top-floor café for some breathtaking vistas of Stockholm. In case you fancy a nice dining place, consider Fotografiska's restaurant, located with views overlooking the Baltic Sea and parts of Stockholm. The Restaurant combines exquisite fine dining with a strong commitment to sustainability. With a menu featuring seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients, the restaurant offers a culinary experience that is innovative. Make sure to book in advance, as you should do with most restaurants in Stockholm.

Source: Drottningholmen Palace

Drottningholm Palace, the private residence of the Swedish royal family, is a splendid example of European architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This majestic palace, with its beautifully preserved interiors and stunning gardens, offers a peek into the lives of royalty. The palace theatre, dating back to the 18th century, is one of the best-preserved theatres in the world, complete with original stage machinery. A visit to Drottningholm is a journey into the elegance and grandeur of Swedish royalty. You can enhance your visit to Drottningholm Palace by taking a scenic public ferry ride. This journey not only offers a unique and picturesque route to the palace but also allows you to experience the beauty of Stockholm from the water. The ferry service connects the city center with Drottningholm, making the palace easily accessible.

Stockholm City Hall

Last but not least, explore the Stockholm City Hall, an iconic symbol of the city. Known for its grand architecture and as the venue of the Nobel Prize banquet, the City Hall offers guided tours that reveal its architectural marvels, including the Golden Hall adorned with millions of mosaic tiles. Climb up the City Hall tower for panoramic views of Stockholm, a fitting end to your tour of the city's top attractions. What most visitors don't know, one can go up the tower of the City Hall and experience one of the best panoramic views all over Stockholm. So, make sure that you get up the tower!


Each destination provides a unique perspective on Swedish culture, history, and beauty, making them essential stops on your visit to Stockholm. So pack your bags, bring your curiosity, and get ready to explore the best of Stockholm!


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