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Hikers exploring a beautiful trail, experiencing the best of hiking Stockholm with stunning views and fresh air.

Hiking Stockholm


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Stockholm Nature


We are your destination when it comes to nature hiking near Stockholm and across Sweden. Our range of hiking activities includes the Nacka Nature Reserve and Tyresta National Park . Whether you're seeking a multi-day hiking adventure or a half-day activity in and around Stockholm, we have something to offer (with tours designed for all skill levels)

Why Book With us?
Choosing us for your otdoor activity means joining on a journey that values sustainability, personalization, and local experience. We pride ourselves on offering eco-friendly tours that respect the environment. Our passionate guides are eager to share their extensive knowledge and love for Sweden's great outdoors.


Daily Hiking Stockholm Tours
For those looking to escape the city, our guided day-trip hikes in Tyresta National Park and Nacka Nature Reserve are the perfect choice. Just a short bus ride from Stockholm, these tours take you through ancient forests and peaceful lakes, offering breathtaking views and the chance to discover hidden gems. Enjoy a traditional Swedish picnic and, if you're lucky, spot some wildlife like deer and wild boars.


Multi-Day Hiking Stockholm & Sweden Tours
Experience the real adventure and join a multi-day tour, starting from Stockholm. Our multi-day hiking trips to the High Coast of Sweden, a UNESCO World Heritage site, invite you to wander through dense woods, along granite cliffs, and by stunning seascapes. These hikes offer a deeper connection with nature, camping under the stars and experiencing the unique beauty of one of Sweden’s most scenic regions. Another special moments comes with our overnight hiking tour in Tyresta Naional Park.


Safety and Expertise
Your safety is our top priority. All our tours include safety briefings and clear instructions to ensure you feel confident. Our knowledgeable guides are there to support you every step and sharing insights about the history, environment and wildlife.


Small Group Tours
We offer small group tours to provide a more personalized and intimate experience. One thing is for sure, you won't get mass tourism with us. Join a small group of enthusiastic nature lovers and experience Stockholm from a different perspective.


Convenient and Hassle-Free
With easy access from central Stockholm, our tours are designed to be convenient and hassle-free. All our meeting point locations are easy accessible via public transportation. We provide for our tours all the necessary equipment and roundtrip- transportation, so you can focus on enjoying your adventure with us.

What our customers are saying

We have served more then 10.000 customers and have an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Guests love our nature hiking Stockholm activities, as they are suitable for all kind of skill and fitness levels. Customers often mention our knowledgeable guides and the personalized experience that comes along with small groups.

We have nothing to hide! Feel free to check out our recent reviews here.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us for an unforgettable hiking adventure in Stockholm or across Sweden!

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