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Booking Calendar Stockholm

Booking Calender


Book directly with us!

Here, you can easily view and choose from all our available kayak and hiking tours on your preferred date. Whether you're planning a sunset kayak tour in the Stockholm archipelago or a hiking adventure in Tyresta National Park, our real-time booking calendar ensures you find the perfect tour that fits your schedule.


How to Use the Booking Calender

  1. Pick your preferred date from the calendar.

  2. Browse through the list of available tours.

  3. Once you find the tour, click on the time slot


Why Book with Us?

  1. Easy booking process & direct support

  2. Real-Time Availability

  3. Instant Confirmation

  4. Free Cancellation Policy

  5. Satisfaction Guarantee


For any questions regarding the booking flow, feel free to contact us. or use our LIVE Chat.

FREE Cancellation policy:
Keep things flexible with our travel friendly cancellation policy. For even more freedom, select our additional trip protection and you can cancel on very short notice.

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